JJ Routley


INSTAGRAM: @jjroutleyart

Hey dudes, my name's JJ, and I've been painting for about 9 years now; and loving it! I've always loved skating, art, music and the rad culture that it creates.

I started with spray cans and acrylics, but now mostly rock gouache, water colour and oils on wood, in a fun sort of low brow way.
I'm a home grown, self taught artist - trial and error style. I started painting a few years after my life crazily changed; and started following Jesus. He truly inspires my creativity and brings the best out of me. I feel very priveleged to do what I love and gain so much joy out of it.

JJ is the FEATURED ARTIST for September and October 2019

 JJ Routley featured artist deck

Jay's take on JJ Routley

I've known our featued artist, JJ Routley, since he was a little fella and seeing him grow and become the amazingly humble and inspirational man that he is, has been my absolute pleasure. Whilst JJ was still at high school, we'd skate together on the occasional weekend and hang; but once he'd finished school we'd spend many a late night out skating, before returning home to watch skate videos or turn out some artwork together, which strengthened our friendship.

JJ has always been such a humble and encouraging human to be around - he'll make you feel like the most important person in the world when you're with him; and when you try and give him props for his artwork, JJ will shrug it off, only to praise something that you've done instead. He just can't help being rad like that.

It was a sad day when JJ left South Australia to persue his art and moved to Melbourne; which makes our catch ups rare nowadays, but when we do, it's like he never left and we just take it from where we left off.

So when I started thinking about starting strukture skateboards, JJ was always going to be my first featured artist. He certainly didn't disappoint with the amazing work that he produced for his deck design.

So thank you JJ for being part of the strukture skateboards community... Love you heaps my brother.