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DEMON is an artist and writer that hails from South Australia and has been painting for 14 years. Over the last couple of years, DEMON has been a part of some huge productions in Melbourne and Sydney (Heaven N Hell and Alien vs Predator), where crews from 5 states across Australia, came together to paint massive collaborative murals. This was done to inspire the youth coming up in the scene; and inspire others to do similar.

A prolific artist on the street and in the studio on canvas, DEMON was also a part of the Wonderwalls Festival in Port Adelaide, South Australia in both 2018 and 2019; and set to appear again in 2020, when he paints as one of the artists down at Pirate Life Brewing.

DEMON is the FEATURED ARTIST for January and February 2020

 DEMON featured artist deck

Jay's take on DEMON

During my time volunteering at the Wonderwalls Festival in 2019, I came across an artist working on a mind-blowing wildstyle piece, down on the farings near the wharf.
He made an impression straight away with me, as I could see the passion and intensity that he paints with. This artist was DEMON. After a brief conversation, I left him to his work as I just seemed to be getting in the way of this whirlwind of aerosol.
Later that day I returned and was in disbelief that anyone could achieve what he had in such a short time. This time I hooked him up with a bit of lunch, because surely painting with his level of intensity, has got to take it out of ya. We chatted again for a bit, swapped instagram names and then I sat back and watched him work.

When I started strukture skateboards, DEMON was one of the artists that I had in mind, of who I wanted to work with. He is also instrumental in how I now pay and treat our Featured Artists. 

Having now spent a little more time getting to know DEMON, I only have respect and good things to say about him. Part of the old school of writers, he respects those that blazed a path back in the day and seeks to encourage those coming up nowadays. He is a straight shooter who won't talk shit and will tell you straight up what he thinks of you - this is refreshing in a world that tends to say one thing, but do another.

strukture skateboards is so stoked to collaborate with DEMON and I want to thank him for all his input and encouragement. It's been awesome getting to know you brother and I look forward to seeing where your art career goes.